Boerewors 1kg ( farmers sausage) (2x500g)

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Allegy info :

No gluten or dairy. All natural seasoning

Beef, pork, coriander seeds, salt ,pepper, English cloves, Nutmeg, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce 


Boerewors ([ˈbuːrəvors]) a type of sausage which originated in South Africa, is an important part of South African cuisine and is popular across Southern Africa. The name is derived from the Afrikaans words boer ("farmer") and wors ("sausage"). Boerewors must contain at least 90 percent meat, and always contain beef, as well as lamb, pork, or a mixture of lamb and pork. The other 10% is made up of spices and other ingredients. Not more than 30% of the meat content may be fat. Boerewors may not contain any "mechanically recovered" meat (meat derived through a process where meat and bone are mechanically separated).